Just found this – a looooong ‘review’ of  In the Shadow of the Dreamchild on Amazon.com, by a guy who really really wants people to think Lewis Carroll was a pedo, and (following a long and distinguished tradition) thinks nothing of freely making stuff up or weaselling facts to achieve his aim. He basically recites a lot of generalised stuff about pedophilia, makes up a lot of ways in which it applies to Carroll, and ends up  with a nice little suggestion of child abuse:

What could be Leach’s motive for writing this book? Could she be seeking revenge against a predator in her own past? Probably.


When challenged he claims Carroll hated boys and abandoned his child-friends when they grew up.  So, he’s obviously done his research. Some of the follow-up comments are interesting. I like TCIrishLass’s:

So, are we to assume that most men who are shy, have lots of nieces and nephews, love to be around children, and associate quite a bit (dating, friendship) with adult women are pedophiles?

Jenny Woolf   hopefully advises the guy to read her book, as if that might set him right, and KLeifsen adds this footnote about In the Shadow of the Dreamchild:

I think it’s stupid that this book exists… A lot of this sounds like speculation and heresy.


Where’s the  Spanish Inquisition when you really need it?