Rejecting Apology II has generated a huge amount of response in the last day, some of which we can even publish without risking nausea in our readers.  Check out the ‘recent comments’ section in the sidebar.

A repeated argument is that if a man wants to have sex with kids but doesn’t act on it then he’s ‘innocent’.

Well,  if we’re talking court of law, then of course that’s true.  He hasn’t committed a crime, so he’s innocent of that crime. But we aren’t discussing legality we’re discussing morality and responsibility. And a man who is sexually attracted to children has the obvious moral responsibility to ensure he doesn’t harm them as a result of his inclination.  He can only do that by staying away from them. The awful blurry world inhabited by Porlaverded, CuteyPie and their ilk, in which there are ‘good’ pedophiles (them) and ‘bad’ pedophiles (not them), is both dangerous and terminally dishonest. However much these ‘child-love’ types believe they aren’t harming any kids they consort with, however much they draw a line between their desires and behaviour and the ‘abusive’  conduct  of the ‘bad’ pedos,  they’re just deluding themselves.  And  – the part that most concerns us – using the mythic image of Carroll to aid in this delusion.

So, let”s state again – if, despite all evidence, Lewis Carroll truly was a pedophile, and if he befriended kids, won their affections, played with their minds, watched their nakedness, while letting them inevitably sense the inappropriateness of his approach, then even if he didn’t go any further,  he abused those children. In fact being obliquely head-fucked by some person they love and trust  is going to scar a kid more not less than the more overt  stuff done by those presumed ‘bad’ guys, who are at least honest about their intent.

Carroll scholars and enthusiasts need to show the deluded souls who (let’s not kid ourselves) haunt Carrollianism that this image they nurture of Carroll  as ‘pedophilia incarnate and sanctified’  is a lie. Not only is this justice for Carroll, it’s removing from them a powerful agent of their own self-justification.

Last time we said this we were mailed by the LCSNA to ask  for assistance in setting up a good Myth-FAQ.  Not sure if they have pursued this any further, but if not – now’s the time. And maybe the LCS could follow suit?

Unless we really want this subterranean army of ‘good’ pedophiles to keep using the author of Alice as their patron saint.

Ok, it’s a beautiful day, birds singing, sky blue, and we just hope this is the last time  we have to write about this for a while.