The Lewis Carroll Wiki page is an almost permanent zone of weird, of course, but I’m not talking about the usual kinds of  “he was a pervert who should have had his balls fried”, or “he lived next door to my Nan and used to walk her dog”, kind of stuff ; I’m referring to  that half-hearted part time Wiki-War being fought against those pesky and  inconvenient facts that have been recently unearthed.  Someone, for example, keeps modifying the  section on the so-called ‘Guildford paper’, digging up Morton Cohen’s still unsubstantiated, and best forgotten claims about Philip Jaques (Carroll’s great-nephew),  having written it  as a ‘joke’,  and  concluding  Carroll almost probably might really still have proposed to Alice Liddell on that iconic June day in 1863 after all.  You can just see them thinking – bless ’em –  “if we  can put it right there on Wiki then it must be true.”

Well today we noticed  things have suddenly ratcheted up a tad, and someone had deleted the entire ‘Carroll Myth’ section.

Guess that about wraps it up then. If it’s not on Wiki, then it just isn’t worth talking about. 😉

Update: someone has put it back now. Interesting (well slightly, it’s a slow day, I’m resting a shoulder tendon),  to see what happens next.  If you see anything worth commenting on let us know.