A recent commenter asked for info on Morton Cohen’s  article dismissing the Guildford paper as a ‘joke’,  and another commenter pointed her to the old Nohow section on our website, which hosted a collection of articles by Cohen, the late Martin Gardner and others offering their various rebuttals of the  idea of a ‘Carroll Myth’ . Unfortunately, as we’ve said before elsewhere, the Nohow section is defunct, and  we don’t know of any other place the material can currently be found online, (we’re happy to be corrected??) .

It was, if you think about it, awfully generous of us to give over valuable and costly webspace to people critical of us,  but at the same time it probably wasn’t in the best interests of anyone for the stuff to be where it was.  Still, we think it really is only right for the responses of Cohen, Gardner et al to ‘the Myth’ to be available for researchers, and  – as we’ve also said before –  we’re  keen to see the material find another home.

The obvious place for it is on either the Lewis Carroll Society site, or its sister – the LCS of North America. It would – we think – be a very good idea for either or both these sites to have a ‘Carroll Myth’ section, and having both Contrariwise and Nohow represented there would seem an obviously balanced approach.

So, any takers? Or any links to already existing outlets for the Nohow POV?

And should it really be up to us to be doing this?

Shame on all you Cohen and Gardner fans out there.  😉