Behind the Looking Glass

‘Just had a US reader send me the following about my book, _Behind the Looking Glass_ (2008, Cambridge Scholars): “Really an impressive work. I am recommending it to several people. Every philosophy department should have it. It should be a companion text in philosophy and literature.”

Kwel!! Sherry L. Ackerman

3 thoughts on “Behind the Looking Glass

  1. I read your book and it’s the best analysis of Carroll the philospher I have ever read, none of the patronizing Gardner indulges in and you understand your subject!

  2. ‘Carroll was a pedophile perhaps frustrated with the consent of the mothers who took photos of nude small (and not so small) that housed women in the house, or he used just for girls to have relationships with their mothers? In the second case, a good smile and Italian skates – and I add: nice work, Deacon Carroll.’
    Nothing to do with the present blog entry, I confess, but another contribution from the wonderful Italian site featured here in March, once again brought to you via the genius of Google Translate. Just felt I had to share it.

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