The amazingly talented Oleg Lipchenko has asked us to remind everyone he will be talking at the Fall meeting of  the Lewis Carroll Societ of North  America,  Nov 6, in NYC.  Subject  is intriguingly titled “Butcher in the Ruff: Rendering the Snark (A Work in Progress)” , & uses this even more  intriguing quote as his jumping off point:

The assumption which states that “It’s a Boo-…” applies to Boots* seems to be plausible, but is based on written word “Boots”, still vocally “oo” means a long “u” and therefore in this case “Boots” has no priority over “Butcher”. It probably was indeed, “It’s a Bo-o-o-o-o-o-o-tcher!” I would rather believe in this interpretation, because in the poem, Butcher was described in great detail, and acted as one of the front characters, unlike Boots, who was just a “chorus member”. Actually, we even don’t know who Boots is at all…

*Larry Shaw The Baker Murder case, cit. by The Annotated Snark by Martin Gardner.

Having seen  Oleg’s extraordinarily beautful illustrations for   Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which we featured in this blog a while back,   we can’t wait for this latest project to be completed, and urge anyone who will be in the vicinity to go along to this meeting.  Details are available at the LCSNA website.