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More Snarkiness

I asked Mahendra to send me a few more of his Snarky pics, and he was kind enough to do so, and here they are. Click on the thumbnails to enter the gallery, then mouse over the right or left to get forward or backward options.  Apparently Nietzsche & Heidegger are members of the crew! […]

A New Snark

The wonderful illustrator Mahendra Singh has a new edition of The Hunting of the Snark fresh out in time for Christmas. Mahendra describes this as a ‘graphic novel version’.  We haven’t peeked inside yet, but the cover looks entirely intriguing don’t you think. Is the Snark itself actually going to make an appearance? Will anyone […]

Lipchenko's Wonderland

It gets a little solitary and windswept out here on Myth Point, tending our lonely beacon with only gulls and other Carroll outcasts for company, so we’re taking a welcome break to talk of other things.  Namely the  amazing Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (ISBN 978-0-88776932-0) illustrations of Oleg Lipchenko, that have just won the 2009 […]