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Biographising the Famous & Dead

Thinking about this lately. Living people are complicated and multi-layered, make jokes, contradict themselves, change as they age, have different viewpoints at twenty from the ones they hold at fifty.  They are almost impossible to fully understand and would take years of close study to be able to describe with any accuracy or completeness. But the […]

Wilful Myth-Blindness II: "What on earth is Robert McCrum On about?"

Well, didn’t think we’d be doing two of these in a week, but how can we pass this one up. The respected journo Robert McCrum reviews Jenny Woolf’s book The Mystery of Lewis Carroll in the Guardian, and concludes…what exactly? That Carroll has been misunderstood and somewhat abused, as Ms Woolf suggests? That a re-assessment […]

Wilful Myth-Blindness 1: "Alice I Never Was"

We’re going to be doing an occasional (probably very occasional) series called “Wilful Myth-Blindness”, where we look at examples of writing that determinedly re-states the old Carroll Myths, or indeed any other tired old Myths, as if the evidence to the contrary just wasn’t there. To kick this off, here’s Melanie Benjamin’s  2010 historical novel […]