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the question they're all asking…

Just to clarify, following the recent stuff being said in the comments section – neither this blog nor Carroll Myth have ever hosted ‘startling homosexual pornography’. We considered it of course, as any serious site must, and even had our links all planned out – “About Contrariwise” “Visit our Website” “More Links” “Startling Homosexual Pornography” […]


The Lewis Carroll Wiki page is an almost permanent zone of weird, of course, but I’m not talking about the usual kinds of  “he was a pervert who should have had his balls fried”, or “he lived next door to my Nan and used to walk her dog”, kind of stuff ; I’m referring to  […]

Completely irrelevant but…

Contrariwise’s favourite search term ever reached us today – “Alice in Wonderland garden gnomes” Bless