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Time for a vote

Just a bit of fun, ‘Charles1832’, don’t burst anything.(And please don’t post multiple replies we just have to delete). We just think it’s time for people to stand up and be counted!

wiki-weird II

We’ve been fatally distracted from this blog by our Other Lives, but someone (thank you JedO) just told us about a little something  on Wiki we had to pass on. Of course  Lewis Carroll’s  Wikipedia   page is prone to outbursts of Tourette’s at the best of times, with whole sections being replaced with pithy […]

That thing again…

Rejecting Apology II has generated a huge amount of response in the last day, some of which we can even publish without risking nausea in our readers.  Check out the ‘recent comments’ section in the sidebar. A repeated argument is that if a man wants to have sex with kids but doesn’t act on it then […]

Martin Gardner

As you’ll have seen, Martin Gardner, Renaissance man, has died, and it is a moment to mark. As he was one of the Old Guard, we obviously didn’t concur with much he said about Lewis Carroll,  and neither was he comfortable with the idea of  ‘the Myth’, but he was a force indeed, and probably […]

Biographising the Famous & Dead

Thinking about this lately. Living people are complicated and multi-layered, make jokes, contradict themselves, change as they age, have different viewpoints at twenty from the ones they hold at fifty.  They are almost impossible to fully understand and would take years of close study to be able to describe with any accuracy or completeness. But the […]

Rejecting Apology

The Lewis Carroll Society of North America’s newest blog entry is all about Contrariwise! This blog doesn’t regularly deal with certain questions (italics mine, as was the rest of that sentence.) And the new LewisCarroll.org’s FAQs don’t go there. Contrariwise, Mark Burstein usually starts his question-and-answer sessions with: “The answers to the first two questions […]

The Pope to Alice

No, not a new and surprising letter unearthed in the archives, just another glorious chapter in the history of Google Translator. In the Shadow of the Dreamchild is being published in Italy, and someone sent Contrariwise an article about it that had appeared in “Lankelot“. The article, originally in Italian, had  been done over by […]