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A New Snark

The wonderful illustrator Mahendra Singh has a new edition of The Hunting of the Snark fresh out in time for Christmas. Mahendra describes this as a ‘graphic novel version’.  We haven’t peeked inside yet, but the cover looks entirely intriguing don’t you think. Is the Snark itself actually going to make an appearance? Will anyone […]

The Virtual Victorian

Here’s an extract from the Virtual Victorian blog (unpromisingly titled “The Shy and Stammering Man”): But, despite loving to visit art galleries and the theatre, the stuttering, unmarried clergyman was never truly comfortable in the adult ‘society’ world, preferring to indulge in the uncomplicated friendship of children. Such sincere and intense ‘relationships’ have since led […]

Adventures in Hackerland

Well,  for the second time inside six months  our host domain – Wild Reality was   maliciously hacked, and  as a consequence this site went down.  Crash. A lot of files were compromised and had to be discarded and a lot of work had to go into rebuilding everything.  We’ve upped security as much as we can, […]