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Your comments on the Wasp

A lot of responses to the Wasp post, so  we thought we’d add a  small follow-up looking at some of the points raised. Jack Bradshaw said : I do not believe it has never been scrutinized. I think I read somewhere the type had been examined and it was genuine, can anyone confirm that? The […]

The Curious Case of the Wasp in the Wig

Just realised today – there’s an anniversary coming, and it’s a weird one. 36 years ago next month  a startling announcement appeared quietly in the sales catalogue of Sotheby’s London auction room: The Property of a Gentleman. 76. DODGSON (C.L.) “Lewis Carroll”. GALLEY PROOFS FOR A SUPPRESSED PORTION OF “THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS”, slip 64-67 and […]