Here’s an extract from the Virtual Victorian blog (unpromisingly titled “The Shy and Stammering Man”):

But, despite loving to visit art galleries and the theatre, the stuttering, unmarried clergyman was never truly comfortable in the adult ‘society’ world, preferring to indulge in the uncomplicated friendship of children. Such sincere and intense ‘relationships’ have since led on to controversy and speculation – though the VV is keen to stress that there is no actual evidence that….

Blah-blah, you can probably guess the rest (there is even an accompanying post all about the ‘real Alice’, in which pretty much every myth you can name gets a featured role).

It’d take the rest of this afternoon to offer a corrective to all the individual errors of fact, so we’re just going to offer an appeal:

VV – you have a wonderful blog in so many ways, so please, we beg you stop dishing out this nonsense. Please read the latest biographies. Please do a little Googling, find out just how many errors of fact you have perpetrated then – please – re-edit your post or add a correction. If you love ‘Alice’ as much as you seem to, then don’t you owe her creator that much in return? You have a lot of readers, and currently you are wildly misinforming them about his life.

Why not turn this around and become a force for change? Link to us, or do your own post about the real and still very little known Lewis Carroll?

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